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Construction Process

The remodeling construction process begins long before any work is preformed in your home. For instance "Kitchen Remodeling", In most cases cabinets are nothing more than rough lumber when final decisions are made and your order is placed.
Your kitchen remodel will take the coordination of dozens of people and companies in multiple states and even in many cases, other countries. A seasoned purchasing professional knows when to order what and where he or she will get the best service. Deliveries are received and inspected to help minimize project delays during the kitchen remodel - this helps minimize downtime due to defective or miss ordered products.
Upon start of the kitchen remodel, the coordination of deliveries and professional craftsman is preformed by a project manager or lead carpenter. This lead person will also work closely with the project designer and the homeowner to ensure the finished project is what each had intended.
When work begins in your home a well run kitchen remodel should go something like this:
  1. Set up dust barriers isolating the work area from the rest of the home.
  2. Remove wall hanging items that may become dislodged and damaged during the demolition stage.
  3. Removal of the existing cabinetry, flooring, sub floor and sheetrock (where needed for a wiring update). Debris removal should take place at this time, debris should never be left on job site for an extended period of time.
  4. Installation of rough wiring. Almost all kitchen remodels will need some updated wiring.
  5. Repair or re-installation of sheetrock. This will also need to be taped and sanded to a smooth finish then primed and painted.
  6. Installation of sub-floor and finish flooring. The only time finish flooring is not installed at this time is if a floating floor is used. A floating floor should not be installed under cabinetry.
  7. Installation of cabinetry and trim.
  8. Installation of appliances.
  9. Countertop template. In most cases this can be done as soon as the base cabinets and appliances are in place.
  10. Installation of room trim.
  11. Countertop installation.
  12. Decorative backslash installation.
  13. Sink and dishwasher hookups should be the last items before the final cleanup.
Each kitchen remodel is unique and the above project scope should be used only as a only guide.
Cleanliness is a good indication of a job well managed. At the end of each day the job site should be cleaned and no tools or debris should be left overnight.
Project time frames will vary greatly with the scope of each project. A full kitchen remodel can take as little as few days or as long as several months, depending on the complexity of the project.
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